Batten | Shaw Continues to Expand Leadership Team

As Batten | Shaw Construction has evolved as a company, we have been grooming the next generation of leaders to take on increasing levels of responsibility. With this in mind, we recently announced some key promotions that support the company’s growth. We continue to further develop our team to strengthen our core values, which are focused on serving our clients and raising the bar of their construction experience.

We are excited to announce the following leadership promotions within our company:

Worth Scott & Aaron Talbot to Vice President of Operations

In their new roles as Vice President of Operations, they will oversee the Operations Department. They will be engaged with management in strategies to develop new and existing customers and to facilitate operational efficiencies to improve service and overall profitability. They will provide oversight to all the Senior Project Managers and Project Managers and continue to work closely with Jimmy, Danny, and Tom to ensure the effective execution of strategy and projects.

Their performance in overseeing projects has been influential for Batten and Shaw’s excellent record of customer relations, problem resolution, and on time customer delivery. The quality of dedication and customer satisfaction is very important to the company’s long term success and are looking forward to Worth and Aaron’s continued level of dedication and service in their new role as Vice President of Operations.

Jimmy McClurkan to Field Operations Manager

In his new role as Field Operations Manager, Jimmy will continue to work closely with Tom Foley and will work on job sites for the time being. He will provide leadership for all Superintendents and will be responsible for conducting job site visits to review quality control, safety, and schedules. He will also be actively engaged and serve as a resource for project management staff on constructability issues and site supervision.