Market Sectors


Batten & Shaw specializes in healthcare construction, and has had the privilege of partnering with some of the nation’s leading healthcare companies. Our proven track record in this industry includes award winning work and projects that arrive on time and in budget.

Senior Living

As an intersection between a multi-unit dwelling and a healthcare provider, Senior Living facilities provide unique needs in their construction and design. Batten & Shaw is very familiar with these needs, and has performed award winning work constructing these facilities.


Every office poses unique structural and design needs depending on the type of business it will support. Batten & Shaw’s close client relationships and adaptability ensure that your needs will be heard and met with the highest level of consideration and care.


Batten & Shaw is well-versed in the interior and exterior components that are critical to a successful multi-family dwelling. We are confident in our process, as well as our ability to provide a superior product, exceptional service, and the maximum benefit to the end-user.


Whether it’s restoring a historical structure, constructing a new worship facility, or anything in between, our team excels at adapting to the needs of our clients in order to provide the best possible outcome. Through our attention to detail at every stage of the construction process, we have achieved award winning work in a variety of markets.