The Buzz

The Buzz

I know many folks have noticed ‘The Buzz’ around the company.  Our recent re-branding effort that included a new website and videos have garnered much praise.  ‘The Buzz’ I’m referring to isn’t the movie star glow from Jimmy and Danny  after their red carpet debut and the release of our introduction video.  We have a lot of new excited team members deployed to projects in the field and others have joined our office team.  From the outside looking in; there is only so much our friends can see, so I wanted to draw attention to some of the little things going on, the things that are pushing Batten & Shaw to new heights….

Community Involvement – Our recent blast focusing on our community involvement was a great reminder of all the fun times we had last year at different events.  It’s really amazing how selfless so many of our employees are taking their own time and money to help others.

Daily Huddles – Yup, seems small but it has been a powerful tool that we have implemented across the company.  Our communication has increased between all departments, from the office to the field, and within individual teams.

Training – Last year we had 4 different groups of field staff come to Nashville for our small group superintendent training.  The discussions in these trainings were impactful.  We reviewed some of our policies and procedures, but most importantly we had great honest and open dialogues about how the office and field can help each other.  Additionally, we are intently focused on building our training programs specific to each person and their current position.

Wellness Program – We finished our first year of a wellness program offered to all employees and it was a huge success.  There have been numerous employees that have made huge lifestyle changes.  It will be exciting to see what a second year will bring.


Values – Our company values have come to the forefront and employees are exemplifying them on a daily basis. 

  • An operations team completed a 120 day long project 30 days early to ‘give a client a good product and good experience’
  • Our community involvement shows our commitment to ‘doing the right thing’
  • Senior management has been meeting to refine our overall company KPI’s (key performance indicators) for the year so we can ‘take ownership of our work and hold ourselves accountable to the results’.
  • Our estimating and accounting departments have participated in training sessions with our operations department to ‘be proactive and stay ahead of our work’
  • Our training initiative for 2017 focuses on the employee, their growth, and subjects specific to their position to ensure we are ‘treating people as individuals’
  • We had a team map out our entire project process from beginning to end, analyzing the timeframes and potential delays between each step to ‘be better tomorrow than we are today’