Shoals Hospital

Building Type: ED, Day Surgery & Behavioral Unit Renovation
Project Type: Addition & Renovation
Location: Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Architect: Gould Turner Group
Size: 20,000 SF

– (5) Exam Rooms
– (2) Trauma Rooms
– (16) Day Surgery Suites
– (3) Nurse Stations
– (5) Office
– (5) Private Psych Rooms
– (1) Private Isolation Psych Room
– (7) Semi Private Psych Rooms
– Dining/Activity Day Room
– Visitor Area
– (2) Waiting Rooms
– Replaced (2) Air Handlers

This project consisted of transferring twenty psychiatric adult beds from Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, expanding its Emergency Department, and relocating the Ambulatory Surgery Unit for a more convenient patient experience.
The completion of this project resulted in a more fluid patient experience in the ER, surgical, and inpatient psychiatric areas.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Construction

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