About Us


Firm Overview

Our firm is driven by the founding principles and core values that set the tone for everything we do.

Firm History

Batten & Shaw has a deeply rooted history founded in exceptional customer service and quality construction that continues to this day.


Our skilled team has been honored with numerous awards that recognize excellence in our work from our industry.

Marketplace Sentiment

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our company, and it is something that we strive for everyday. It extends to working with our partners as well.


The collective experience and expertise of our team, along with the culture we have established as colleagues and with our customers, is what truly sets us apart.


We feel a tremendous responsibility to make a positive contribution to the community that we live and work in that goes beyond the usual scope of our daily business operation.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Construction

As a specialized healthcare facility builder, we stand ready to assist you in rapid additions or conversions of your space to meet the demands of COVID-19 patient care.